Creative Director, adam&eveddb London


Creative Director and Partner, CHI&Partners London

Associate Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather London

Copywriter, TBWA Toronto

Copywriter, Downtown Partners DDB Toronto

Copywriter, Zig Toronto


I feel fortunate that my work has been recognised by the major awards shows. 

Here are some of the awards I'm most proud of:

A Cannes Gold lion for 80 Days of Argos.

Nominated for Creative Woman of the Year by The Drum.

A Cannes Lions Grand Prix in Pharma for Phillips Breathless Choir.

Best Hair in the Graduating Class, Gloucester High School, 1998

The Grand Clio for 28 Too Many.

Three Cannes Gold Lions for 28 Too Many.

A Graphite Pencil and six Wood Pencils the D&AD for 28 Too Many.

A Gold Pencil at the One Show for 28 Too Many

Floppiest Ears, DeBeauvoir Dog Show 2012 (to my dog, but still a proud moment)

A Silver Pencil at the One Show for Philips Breathless Choir

A Silver Cannes Lion for Philips See Everything

Several In Books at the D&AD for the Dove Ad Makeover.

Two Gold Clios for the Dove Ad Makeover.

A Gold Pencil from the One Show for the Dove Ad Makeover.

The Paul Arden Award from Campaign Big for the Dove Ad Makeover

Best Pie, Thanksgiving 2011 (I cheated, was found out, and later disqualified)

For a complete list of all awards, click here.


I am honoured to be judging Writing for Advertising this year at the D&AD awards.